The Number One Vehicle Protection Device that the thief's Cannot Cheat!


What Is an Autowatch Ghost ?

The Ghost Is An extremely Sophisticated immobiliser system designed to stop all types of Car theft. The Ghost Integrates With your cars Can bus Network system and disables the vehicle from being started or driven until a sequence of buttons in the vehicle have been pressed in a certain order to deactivate the system.


What Does the Ghost Protect you and Your Vehicle Against?


  •   Anti Hijack
  •   Key theft
  •   Key cloning
  •   keyless car theft   
  •   Unauthorised Key Programming
  •   No Addition Key Fobs or Tags, its completely invisible to a thief  
  •   Disarm through a user selectable sequence of buttons presses in your vehicle


A Ghost Immobiliser Would have prevented these thieves from stealing this car Even with their Hi Tech vehicle theft tools !

If you’d like to find out more information about the Autowatch Ghost and if it is compatible with your car, get in contact with us today.


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