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  • Posted: 5th June 2017 11:48am

Professional Gearbox Tuning In Bromley For Your Car

The construction of most cars is created by pre-determined set-ups. Whether it’s the gearbox, steering or brakes – some things are kept close to constant in every vehicle. At Dyno Map, we provide professional gearbox tuning in Bromley for your vehicle.

Most gearboxes are either one of a couple of types and this remains the same whether your engine is powerful or not. This can lead to your transmission not getting the best of the power supplied by your engine.

Our gearbox tuning can help your vehicle improve several things, such as:

  •        Quicker gear shifts: Our service will allow the change to made faster and bring the power from the next gear to the wheels more efficiently than before.
  •        Fuel economy: It’s proven that getting more out of your gears can reduce your fuel costs. Our gearbox tuning will ensure less power is lost during a change in gear.
  •        Adjusted RPM for changes: Making changes in the amount of RPM that you can get out of each gear change will help for those tight spots and roundabouts straight away.

Our team here can offer you a wide range of advice concerning your gearbox and what would be best for your vehicle. To find out more, get in contact with our team today.

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