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  • Posted: 3rd July 2017 2:32pm

Professional Gearbox Tuning In Dartford

Your driving experience shouldn’t be held back by clunky gear changes and confusing shift points at odds with your driving style. At Dyno Map, we provide professional gearbox tuning for your car in Dartford.

Working across Kent, our team can turn your labouring car into a quicker and more efficient ride each day. Every driver is different, and is defined by the little niche differences in gear changes and acceleration.

When you visit our team in Dartford, we will tune your gearbox to complement your preferences. We understand that every engine and gearbox works variably depending on how it’s mapped. We can map your gearbox to make it shift quicker and help you utilise your engine power.

Our gearbox tuning service will help you in these ways:

  •        Improved power and torque spread out through the engine.
  •        Smoother and faster changes in gear will make it a more enjoyable car to drive.
  •        We can adjust the shift points so that you can get the most out of the gears you want to.
  •        Up and down shift RPMs can be changed to your every requirement.
  •        Our bespoke service will allow us to tailor the gearbox tuning to your driving style.

Discover how our gearbox tuning service can help you by getting in contact with us today

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