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  • Posted: 8th May 2017 4:35pm

Remapping Services Epsom

If you’re creaking up those inclines and finding it hard to accelerate off the mark, your car will benefit from our remapping services in Epsom. At Dyno Map, we can tune your car’s engine to ensure it’s getting the best out of its capabilities.

Our remapping can make you enjoy driving again and unlock the hidden power of your vehicle. This is not just to crank up the horsepower and top speed, but to make roundabouts and slip roads easier to accelerate on.

At Dyno Map, our team will ensure that your car is given a safe and secure upgrade by remapping the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This comes as standard in every car and our service changes the capabilities of your engine for more torque and better acceleration.

We will also iron out any flat spots that have begun to appear in your car. This happens when you can’t feel the acceleration drop at a certain point of a gear. By remapping the engine, you can help to make the transition easier and more enjoyable.

You will see the difference in not only performance but in fuel consumption. Your engine, whether it be a luxury or run-about car, will improve in power, acceleration and your ability to get out of tight spots.

To discover whether your vehicle can benefit from our remapping services, get in touch with us today.

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