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  • Posted: 19th July 2017 11:37am

Why You Should Choose Dyno Map In Peckham For Your Performance Tuning

Turn your car into a smooth and effective ride at every roundabout and junction with our performance tuning in South London. At Dyno Map in Peckham, we’re passionate about transforming your ECU (engine control unit) to upgrade your drive.

Every gear change, rev and acceleration matters. Not only for getting yourself out of a tight spot at a roundabout, but to ensure you’re maximising the potential of the fuel you put into your vehicle. Whatever car you’ve got, it will benefit from our performance tuning.

Here’s our three levels of tuning to enhance your ride:

  1. Stage One: Perfect for standard specification vehicles, this tuning set-up will improve the power and torque you can produce. This naturally brings down your fuel usage and gives you greater control of your car’s acceleration.
  2. Stage Two: Rather than a simple software update, we will use this stage to add some hardware upgrades. This gives you more power and torque, with a little less improvement in economy.
  3. Stage Three: Remapping, tune-ups and customised hardware upgrades. This stage will set your car apart from every other and we will tailor every change to your requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about what our team at Dyno Map in Peckham can do for your car, get in contact with us.

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