4WD Rolling Road

As part of our commitment to providing highly accurate and thorough engine remapping and diagnostic services, we’ve invested in a state of the art rolling road from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide you with the best service possible.

Versatile and highly accurate

Our 4WD rolling road from highly experienced makers Dyno Developments can handle just about any vehicle we can throw at it including motorbikes, quad bikes - even go karts and, as its name suggests, most types of cars whether rear, front or all-wheel drive.

Our 4WD rolling road helps us to help you better in that it enables us to perform highly accurate diagnostic services and ensure your remap is the best it can be through comprehensive measuring of:

  • Engine power
  • Torque
  • Turbo boost
  • Air to fuel ratio RPM (engine revs)
  • BHP (break horse power)

And much more.

The 4WD rolling road’s ability to vary and maintain various simulated loads is a huge help in our engine remapping work and does a great job of emulating ‘real world’ road conditions to aid accurate diagnostics and effective remaps.

Diagnostic testing of your car

If you’re concerned about your car’s performance or other issues, we offer a testing service whereby we’ll run a series of diagnostic checks and tests with your car on our 4WD rolling road. This coupled with our other advanced diagnostic equipment and know how means it’s very likely we’ll soon get to the bottom of what’s affecting your car.

Whether you’re interested in an engine remap or would like some diagnostics undertaken, our expertise and use of industry leading equipment such as the 4WD rolling road makes us the number to call.

Looking forward to being of help.


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