Gearbox tuning

GearsTuning your gearbox can be chosen either on its own or as an option to complement our other tuning services to enhance your driving experience and enjoyment.

With more manufacturers using one or two basic automatic gearbox designs and differentiating them by the way they're mapped, you're not always getting the best combination of gearbox and engine power. Our bespoke service will help you make the most of your car's engine performance and possibly improve fuel economy as more engine power makes it to the wheels rather than being lost in the transmission.

Why choose a Dynomap gearbox tune?

  •   Up to 70% faster shift changes
  •   Increased power and torque
  •   Smoother and quicker gear changes
  •   More efficiency and economy as less power is lost in transmission
  •   More responsive tiptronic or paddle shifts (where fitted)
  •   Adjusted shift points
  •   Adjusted minimum and maximum rpm for up and down shifts

At Dynomap we are experienced in various automatic gearbox types including DSG, S-Tronic, R-Tronic, Tiptronic and more. We’d be happy to discuss your specific vehicle and gearbox type and advise on the best gearbox tune option.


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