Performance tuning

BMWA performance tune improves the overall drivability of your vehicle; it’s not just about increasing the BHP.

After a top class tune up from Dynomap using the latest in ECU remapping software, you’ll soon experience sharper throttle response, greater pulling power due to increased torque, and smoother power delivery thanks to the ironing out of any acceleration ‘flat spots’.

Along with making for a more satisfying drive, remapping improves safety in that you have more power instantly available through the rev range to help get out of those tight spots.

We provide 3 levels of tuning:

Stage 1

For standard specification unmodified vehicles, a stage 1 remap will increase power and torque whilst improving fuel economy. You’ll immediately notice more responsiveness and the absence of acceleration flat spots along with fewer visits to the filling station.



Stage 2

If you’d like a higher dose of power and torque, then stage 2 is the option to choose. You may require some hardware upgrades to supplement the software remap. The improvement in fuel economy may not be as marked as in stage 1.



Stage 3 and stage 3+

A more involved remapping and tune up than stages 1 and 2, you’ll certainly require some hardware upgrades customised to you vehicle. For the stage 3 option, we’ll discuss your specific needs and provide a tailored quote.




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