DPF Solution

Since 2009 it’s been a legal requirement for all diesel cars to be fitted with a diesel particulate filter. DPF Solution removes soot particles from exhaust emissions.

DPF Solution Limitations

The problem many diesel engined car owners have found is the limitations in the way a DPF Solution cleans itself through a process called regeneration. The DPF can only regenerate effectively when the engine operates for a prolonged period at its optimum temperature.

For cars covering prolonged open road trips this is fine, but for others that perhaps do a lot of stop and start work or several shorter trips, the DPF cannot regenerate properly and eventually becomes clogged to the detriment of engine performance and economy.

The DPF loses its ability to filter the soot and eventually requires replacement usually at great expense - often well into four figures.

The Dynomap solution

A method we offer to combat regeneration problems is DPF software removal; our advanced DPF removal software reprograms your engine management system to effectively take your DPF filter out of commission. Software removal coupled with a remap of the engine means your car won’t flag up DPF warnings on the dashboard and cause potentially large replacement bills.

So long as the DPF filter is physically in place the car would pass an MOT test but we only offer the service for off road vehicle use.

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