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EGR Solution

EGR Solution Removals

Exhaust gas recirculation systems are designed to try and reduce diesel pollutants such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) as part of the ongoing need to meet ever more stringent emissions requirements.

EGR's are fitted to the majority of diesel engined cars and help reduce NOx emissions. Less NOx is produced at lower combustion temperatures, so the EGR solution systems recirculates exhaust gases to be re-used as part of the combustion process; this has the effect of lowering the temperature of combustion so less NOx is produced.

At the heart of most EGR systems is a valve that opens and closes in line with engine conditions and loads to allow or restrict the flow back into the combustion chamber of the spent exhaust gases.

The problem

The valve can become clogged with soot and other matter that can impair its operation to the point where it may stick in one position instead of opening and closing when required. This can reduce engine efficiency, performance, responsiveness and possibly lead to longer term damage to components such as the turbo.

At the very least you’ll notice your engine becoming more and more sluggish to drive.

The Dynomap solution

Using the latest in engine management software, we remap your car’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) so removing the valve’s influence in your engine’s combustion cycle.

There’s no physical removal of the valve or any other engine components, just a software change.

You’ll notice improvements in at least some of the following

Throttle response

Improved fuel economy

None or at least vastly reduced ‘flat spots’

You’ll also save yourself the potentially heavy expense of replacing a faulty EGR valve in the longer term..

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