Car Remapping Kent
Car Remapping Kent

Why Trust Dynomap for Car Remapping in Kent

If your vehicle shows a lack of performance in terms of speed or mileage, it is an indication that your car needs remapping. It can be due to age or inefficiency. To get rid of this problem, you are advised to consult a professional company like Dynomap for car remapping in Kent. Their authorised and experienced car mechanics execute car tuning to enhance its performance and efficiency.

What is Car Remapping? 

Remapping is the process of modifying the engine of the car, also known as the ECU or Engine Control System. The experts can modify it to oversee capacities like airflow and fuel injection. By changing the default ECU settings or replacing them with a new program, you can improve your car’s performance.

Why Choose Dynomap For Car Remapping 

At Dynomap, we assure you of the best performance and economy of the car with specialised tuning services. With a collective experience of 60 years in automotive mechanics, electronics and software, we guarantee to cater to every client specification and requirement. We also use cutting edge equipment and advanced technical tools for utmost engine software-based tune-ups.

So if your priority is getting fuel economy or more car mileage, economy tuning at Dynomap is the exact solution for you.

Range of Car Remapping Services


  1. Performance Tuning

You can improve the overall drivability of the car through detailed performance tuning. At Dynomap, we utilise the updated ECU remapping software to get sharp throttle, great pulling power, high torque and smooth power delivery. We help eliminate the flat spots so that you enjoy a satisfying drive with increased safety.

  1. Fuel Economy Tuning

Our qualified experts will help you save fuel costs through the advanced eco software. We conduct economy tuning to provide you with the following –

  • 20% improvement in fuel economy with fewer miles per gallon (MPG) fuel consumption
  • Reduced CO2 emission
  • Increase in-car torque and power
  • Less turbo lag
  • Widening power delivery band, with more power ‘on tap’ throughout the rev range
  1. Gearbox Tuning

Our specialised gearbox tuning solution is a complement to our car tuning service. We guarantee you a 70% faster shift change with our bespoke service, seamless and smooth gear changing, more efficiency while driving, responsive trip tonic or paddle shifts, and adjusted RPM for up and downshifts. All this enables car performance revamping.

  1. EGR Removal

The EGR system of the car can get clogged, causing functional impairment. This reduces engine efficiency, responsiveness, car performance and safety. At Dynomap, we use our latest engine management software to rectify this issue for overall improvement.

  1. DPF Solution

It is a legal obligation to fit all diesel cars with DFP or the Disease Particulate Filter. If there are problems in its functioning, it becomes detrimental to the car’s performance. At Dynomap, we use the DPF removal software to reprogram the engine management system, remap the engine to resolve the issue potentially and increase car performance.

  1. Four Wheel Drive Rolling Road

This is a part of our car remapping and diagnostic service, where our Dyno Developments handle every car model to ensure whether the remapping is done comprehensively and accurately. This helps with advanced car diagnosis through proper measurements and maintenance of simulated loads for advanced car remapping or tuning.

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